Cultural Tours

Cultural Touring includes traveling by vehicle through the Bhutanese countryside, with optional walks and day hikes to visit temples, monasteries and villages. Culture tour also include visiting museum, handicraft shops and weekend market

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The culture of Bhutan is one of the oldest in the world. The country offers a wide variety of options for cultural tourism. You can travel by a vehicle through the countryside or hike up to the temples and monasteries in the Bhutanese villages. A cultural tour of Bhutan will give you a chance to learn of the unique culture of the Bhutanese people, their festivals, rituals,cultures,traditions of daily lives etc. Bhutan has three main ethnic groups, the Sharchop in the east, the Ngalops in the west and the Lhotsampas in the south. The Lhotsampas originally belonged to Nepal. Dzonga is the official language of Bhutan but there are many regions in the country where people prefer their native dialect rather than the national language.

This cultural tour of Bhutan will take you through a delightful tour through its brazen culture and tradition, meet the people and have a glimpse of the great Bhutanese art and architecture. We organize the tours in a way that each night our guests either stay in small hotels or comfortable guest houses. Cultural tour of Bhutan isn’t very challenging and would be suitable for all kinds of travelers. It is the best way to learn of the unique culture of this beautiful kingdom.




Photo - 4 Days Bhutan Tour

4 Days Bhutan Tour

This is short tour package to the Dragon