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Although Bhutan started to open its territory to visitors more than 30 years ago, the not only the rural & far-flung villages, even the trekking routes remain relatively untouched by trekkers in comparison to Nepal’s busy trekking

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Bhutan claimed its identity as a mysterious kingdom to most of the outer world in the past centuries. Although it has been already over 30 years since the country opened their territories for foreigners, even the most frequented trekking trails remain largely untouched as compared to Nepal. The ones in the remote areas are even less explored. Bhutan has seen a rapid development in the last few decades but still, its countryside and even the main centers look a ancient.

The treks in Bhutan are categorized as easy, medium and hard and its upto the trekker to choose one. It offers some of the most challenging treks in the world and therefore, trekking in Bhutan isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. One should be physically fit and mentally prepared before going on a trek in Bhutan.



Photo - Bumthang Cultural Trek

Bumthang Cultural Trek

Duration: 13 days