Magar Cultural Heritage Event in Salang VDC

Nepal is rich with its cultural diversity. While we have been able to continue many of our practices, there still are some that require close attention.

One of the largest indigenous community in Nepal, ‘the Magars’ have very much fun-filled everyday-life. Among many practices of theirs ‘Sorathi’ is one on the verge of extinction .

Sorathi is a cultural practice of singing and dancing performed by Magar, Gurung and Kumal community. “Sora” in Nepali means 16 and there is an interesting story of how it started. According to legend, a king had 16 queens and to amuse them he would prepare a song about all sixteen queens, sing and dance in the middle of all queens. This practice of the king was then called Sorathi.

There are three types of participants in Sorathi. A boy, who is the main singer in Sorathi sings in form of king and is called Kotsingey Raja. Group of boys wearing girl’s costume who support the singer and dance as well are known as Maruni. Other take part in playing “madal” instrument are known as Madaley. In recent days only Gurung seem to give it continuity.

Sorathi - Magar Cultural Heritage Tour Nepal

This above photo from a program that was organized recently in Salang VDC of Dhading  to promote this practice. It was made possible by great effort from local people in initiation of Yuuki Treks and support from foreign students who wanted to learn about it.

More photos from the event:

Sorathi - Kotsingey Raja

Sorathi - King, Maruni and Madal players

Main Guru on the Stage

Walter joins the fun of Dancing

Our team leader Mr. Ganesh Thapa was present during the event. In the photo below, local villagers putting tika and garland on him.

Ganesh Thapa being welcomed