Cultural Tour

With diverse castes and ethnicities, there are equally diverse cultural practices in Nepal. As festivals form an integral part of any cultural heritage, the significance of festivals cannot be overlooked. Most of the festivals are influenced by religion and with majority of Hindu population living in the country, the festivals are mostly related to the Hindu culture.cultural tour in Nepal introduces you to various culture of Nepal of various ethnic groups ,caste and creeds.

Dashain is the greatest festival celebrated by the Hindus in Nepal. Dashain falls in the Spring season, i.e. around September and October and is observed by people all over Nepal. It is followed by Tihar which is also one of the biggest festivals and is also popularly known as the festival of lights. Besides Dashain and Tihar, festivals like Shivaratri, Teej etc. are also of religious and cultural importance.

Some festivals like Indra Jatra and Gai Jatra are inherent to Kathmandu. These have been in practice since the time of the ancient Malla rulers that ruled the Kathmandu valley for over 500 years. These are characterized by unique set cultural practices that aren’t seen in other festival celebrations.

Yuuki treks and expedition  helps you plan the perfect festival tour, based on your time of visit and duration of stay.


Photo - Dashain Village Tour

Dashain Village Tour

Duration: 7 days

Photo -  Magar Heritage Tour

Magar Heritage Tour

Explore and experience unique ethnic culture of Nepal