Jungle Safari

Nepal is rich in lush green wild life. The tropical jungles of the Terai preserve some of the best wildlife habitat that can be found in Asia. Out of the total geographical area of Nepal , 16% is occupied by national parks, wildlife reserves

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Nepal is rich in tropical and sub tropical forests suitable for jungle safari. The tropical forests in the Terai region are home to thousands of different species of animals, birds and plants. it houses some of the most diverse wildlife habitats in all of Asia. Over 16% of the total land Area(of Nepal is occupied by wildlife reserves and conservation areas. The Royal Chitwan National Park, the Royal Bardia National Park, Parsa Wildlife Reserve, Royal Shukla Phanta wildlife reserve etc. are some of the largest national parks located in the Terai region of Nepal. You can ride on elephant or jeep around the inner and outer section of the forests to observe the wildlife and vegetation of the region.

The summers are very hot in Terai and the winters are a bit too colder than expected. You should make sure to carry proper clothes, walking shoes, hats, sunscreen lotions and mosquito repellents.

There are a total of nine national parks and three conservation areas in Nepal. About 15,000 square kilometers. The land area of all National parks and Conservation areas sum up to 15000 square kilometers, accounting for 16% of the total land area of Nepal. Some national parks are located in the Hilly and the Himalayan regions as well. The Terai lowlands are marked by floodplains stretching from the Indian border northwards to the Bhabhar and Siwalik Range. These lowlands are where the Royal Bengal Tiger, Gharial, musk deer, black buck and the great one horned rhino reside. The national parks of Nepal are also rich in various species of birds.

Chitwan National Park is the oldest National park in Nepal. Established in 1973, it was recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1984. It is also the most visited National Park in Nepal and those interested in wildlife diversity make it sure to visit the place. Along the eastern border of Chitwan National Park lies the Parsa Wildlife reserve. It is also one of the largest national parks with varieties of flora and fauna.