Rafting Information

White water river rafting and kayaking are popular water sports of Nepal. it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Nepal offers the best white water rafting experience in the world. Most of the rivers of Nepal surge with strong waves of water during the monsoon season. White water rafting in Nepal is not only the best way to make the most out of your adventure tour but also a great way to explore the beauty of Nepal. The rivers of Nepal originate high in the mountains and make their way down towards breathtaking scenery. Not just the nature but rafting also offers a chance to observe the ancient culture as you pass through the villages and floodplains. The rivers of Nepal are graded variously and the spectrum covers various rafting programs suitable for all types of adventurers or for a family holiday.

Why go rafting in Nepal ?
The splendid rivers of Nepal will take you through the deep valleys and gorges formed by the course of the river itself. Nepal is one of the prime destinations for white water river rafting and there short rafting programs to multi day programs.

Rafting in Nepal is also a great alternative to trekking, if you aren’t much into hiking or trekking, it is a great way to enjoy the beautiful sceneries offered by the country’s geography. Also, rafting is also an eco friendly adventure as it leaves no ecological effect on the surroundings or cause any environmental hazard.

White water or flat water ?
When the notion of rafting comes to mind, you image of horrendous rapids and ferocious waves hitting on your raft and swaying it high and low. There are many class 3 and class 4 rivers that are moderately difficult as well as class 1 and class 2 rivers that allow you to stay afloat while admiring the natural beauty with the thrust of small rapids. If you are into adventure activities, white water rafting shouldn’t be missed.

Many people who aren’t experienced in swimming or haven’t been on white water before may get a little apprehensive. But once they set foot on a raft and if they are physically fit, they can easily get past class 1 to class 3. The rivers open for white water rafting in Nepal are graded based on the most difficult sections they have. For some difficult class 4 rivers, people should be more confident and if possible should have a prior rafting experience.

Rafting Grades
Grade I – Flat water, (little current)
These rivers are generally flat and move slow. Rivers with 1 grade listing will have some flat spots. A fully 1 graded river is usually flat and is good for sightseeing and relaxing.
Grade II – Bubbling current (small rapid)
A grade II river has a swifter current and some small rapids
Grade III – Technical & Exciting (needs trained guide)
In Grade III rivers, the rapids become more horrendous and technicality is demanded. You can only raft with the help of trained guides. It is more adventurous and exciting than the above two.
Grade IV – Seriously big rapids
The adrenaline starts to surge here as these have fast moving currents and large rapids. These require high level of skill and also requires technical padding.
Grade V – The hair-raising limit!
This will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.  It is only for those with a prior rafting experience and isn’t for beginners. It is the ultimate white water rafting adventure in Nepal with the largest rapids.


Name of famous River in Nepal Duration Grade
Bhotekoshi River 2 days 4
Trisuli River 1/2/3 days 2
Kaligandki River 5 days 3
Karnali River 10 days 4
Seti River 2 days 3
SunKoshi River 9 days 4/5