Why Yuuki Travel

With years of experience, Yuuki treks has garnered much knowledge and skill in conducting trekking and tours in Nepal. We are capable of conducting any kind of trekking and tour activities in Nepal based on your requirements. From adventure trekking to rafting and mountain biking, we offer all sorts of adventure activities. We also make sure that our programs positively benefit the local economy.

1. Eco-tourism
We are largely concerned about maintaining the balance in the ecosystem and make sure that our activities don’t hamper any element of the environment. We are strictly against violating the laws of the environment of exploiting the resources. We are also involved in social and ecological campaigns to promote and conserve the natural environment.

2. Social responsibilities:
We make sure that our programs benefit the local people and their economy. Many people in the mountainous regions subsist on tourism and therefore, we are always ready to help them benefit from us. We are also involved with JCES, an organization that supports and promotes educational welfare in the country.

3. Cost:
We are always focused on providing competitive and affordable prices to our valued clients.

 4. Staff Members:
Yuuki Trek Nepal has dedicated and committed staff members whose prime goal is to ensure customer satisfaction. Each of our staff members are equally valuable to us and are treated equally.

5. Secured trip:
Yuuki Trek Nepal is a Nationally Authorized Company within Nepal. Apart from being legal, our team of guides and skilled tour operators make are always there to ensure a safe trip.